Can You Bet Against the SEC?

Well, I got my dream, in that Ohio State will not get to participate in the BCS Championship Game. I love it. As an added bonus, they won’t even get to play in the Rose Bowl, which is just a cherry on top of the delicious sundae of the Buckeyes losing to the Spartans last week.

So our final is set…the Florida State Seminoles against the Auburn Tigers.

This is a tough pick, in my mind. FSU has been ripping people apart this year. Ranked or unranked, they have decimated their opposition and look like an incredibly complete team. The Tigers have lost a game, but they survived the ultimate brutality that is playing in the SEC. You know, the conference that has won the past what, 7 national championships? Plus, they beat that little team from Alabama to get there. No easy feat, especially since the Mighty Tide looked like they were rolling to their 3rd straight championship. What an incredible beast of a team.

Auburn has benefitted from two unbelievably lucky finishes to keep their path to the NCG on track. But, whatever, they won the games.

As much as the Seminoles look like the better team, could I bet against the SEC representative?

I guess I can. I’ll take FSU by 10.

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