Ohio State, I’ve Always Hated You

Being a massive fan of US College Football, I have cheered for the same group of teams for the majority of my life. Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved the Miami Hurricanes. Everything about them. The dominance of their national championship years, the often garishness of their orange and green uniforms, and especially the iconic white helmet with the simple “U” on the side. It was easy to cheer for them over the years, because they were such a successful program. Lately, it has been tougher, since they have definitely fallen on tough times, but it was great to see them rise into the Top 10 again this year, if it only lasted a little while before they imploded after getting whipped by Florida State.

One team that has always been the focus of my undivided derision, however, has been the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I hate their bland grey and red uniforms. I hate their lame pride stickers. I don’t like their coach, or any OSU players that have moved on to the NFL. I cheered their NCAA sanctions, and laughed when they picked the wrong year to take their bowl bans. I hate the way their fans and players call it THE Ohio State University. Like it’s being mixed up with another Ohio State University? And I hate that they are currently #2 in the BCS. I don’t want to see them in a National Championship game ever again.

I especially hate that they beat my Hurricanes in one of the most exciting championship games in recent memory, especially since they were given new life on, in my opinion, a blown call. That interrupted what was a great ‘Canes dynasty, with a plethora of NFL stars on the roster. That game still makes me mad.

To me, a one-loss SEC team should be in the NCG over the Buckeyes. And yes, this all comes down to their soft conference, and non-conference, schedule this year. If Auburn wins the SEC, they should play FSU. Heck, if Auburn loses, I think they should put Alabama back in the big game. It is no secret that they are a dominant team, and they are one fluke play away from being undefeated yet again. I think if the Crimson Tide were to play OSU, it would be an absolute decimation in favor of ‘Bama. They would shred them like they did Notre Dame last year. Not even close. I don’t think the Big 10 can roll with the SEC.

So it pisses me off that it will probably be the Buckeyes in another National Championship Game, another chance for them to be embarrassed nationally when they get whipped by a superior program. I will like that, but as a fan of the game whose team is not in it, I will feel ripped off because there are more deserving teams out there, that should be there before the Buckeyes are.

Or maybe it’s just me. I like seeing the SEC dominate. Because, let’s be honest, they are the dominant conference. I want to see the best teams in the best game, and I honestly don’t think we’ll get that with Ohio State this year. I’m sure that part of that is because of my eternal hatred for the team, but the more realistic part of me knows that because there are better teams out there that will provide a more entertaining game, and a better challenge to Florida State. I don’t think many people outside of Ohio would argue that an Alabama-FSU matchup would be more entertaining.

All I can do at this point it cross my fingers and hope that Michigan State can pull off a huge upset and send the Buckeyes packing to some random other bowl game (probably still a BCS bowl, but it seems many of those have lost their value to me…maybe that will be a post for another day).

Life Altering Moments- Road House

My life changed a little bit yesterday. Not because I did something amazing, or used my weekend time wisely to catch up on work or something smart like that.


It changed because I watched Road House for the first time ever.

How I went so long in my life without seeing this before, I will never know. But it was amazing. I feel like I am a different person now than I was 24 hours ago. A better person. There is, simply put, nothing not amazing about this movie. Swayze in his prime, a young Sam Elliott (whose voice needs to be mentioned up there with Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones in all time voice manliness, and is also just so badass, all the time), crazy fight scenes, throats literally being ripped out, random and unnecessary 80’s nudity, a lot of kicks to the knee, the Jeff Healy Band, and an awesome love story ripped from the pages of Days of Thunder. Or I guess vice versa, since Road House came out first.

Such an enjoyable movie, I’m glad I finally had the chance to see it. All because of Netflix and their random picks.