MI-5/ Spooks: S02E05

Getting hooked on another show on NetflixThis time, it’s the British spy drama, MI-5 (which apparently is called Spooks in some places, which makes searching for it on IMDB very confusing). The show is generally very entertaining, as it follows the British intelligence agency on a number of quests to protect their country from terrorism.

One episode in particular, entitled, “I Spy Apocalypse”, is really the centerpiece of the show so far. It focused on a possible drill at MI-5, where it was revealed that a terror group had released VX poison in London, and was planning on doing it in several major UK cities.

The story begins with us believing that this is all just a drill, and suspicions remain as the episode continues. As intelligent viewers, we are aware that the series continues, so the chances of there being some sort of terror holocaust are slim, but nonetheless, the episode does an incredible job in having us believe that it has all gone horribly wrong in Britain.

mi5-7The scenes were tense and the decisions made by the characters were impressive. Convincing them that it wasn’t a drill was no easy feat, either, but the series of events that unfolds is awesome. It wraps up with a climactic scene that really did have me on the edge of my seat.

This episode in particular speaks to the strength of the series, of creating something high tension and believable. We are taken for a ride, along with the characters, in trying to decide what is appearance and what is reality.

“I Spy Apocalypse” really is the high point for the series thus far, and it is TV at its most entertaining.

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