Now that was a game…

After so much buildup for the final BCS Championship Game in history, with the long-awaited four team playoff coming next year, we were treated to a classic finish that gave the Florida State Seminoles the National Championship.

Despite so much anger always being levied towards the BCS as a broken and unfair system, even the most jaded fan has to agree that there have been some amazing games under the formula. Miami-Ohio State. Texas-USC. Auburn-Oregon. And now FSU-Auburn. This was a fun one, with a great finish.

bcsThe game seemed finished once Florida State returned a kickoff for a go-ahead 100 yard touchdown. But it wasn’t. Auburn methodically marched down the field, not afraid to run the ball right up the gut to take the lead once again. But there was still too much time left, so FSU came back with an impressive drive of their own, and the Heisman Trophy winner threw the game winning touchdown with 13 seconds left.

Kind of classic.

There was no magic left for Auburn, even though there was the briefest of seconds when they started to lateral the ball on the final play of the game, when I thought that if anyone was going to be able to pull this off, it would have been this Tigers team. They had won by miracles twice before this season, and maybe…just maybe, they could do it for a third time.

But the Seminoles shut it down pretty quickly.

This was an entertaining game to watch, and as someone who is not particularly a fan of either team, all you can ask for is a game that is fun to watch. And this one delivered.

Now to debate what the final would have looked like if this year, there would have been the four teams in the playoff. Would it have been FSU-Oregon, with an Auburn-Alabama rematch? The winners moving on? Or woudl the dreaded Ohio State have been given another chance against FSU? Or Michigan State? Or a two-loss Stanford team? I guess we’ll never know.

Now that the BCS era is done, it was a good way to say goodbye. With a great game.

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