Happy 40th, Kelly Kapowski!

What male didn’t have a crush on Tiffany Amber Theissen when she was on Saved by the Bell, and then again when she appeared as a vixen on Beverley Hills, 90210?

She was hot, she was cute, she was cool. She was the object of Zack Morris’ affections, and she was the object of our desires.

Portraits of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
How could you not love her?

Today, she turned 40 years old, which serves to remind us of how old we are getting, but a casual reminder that our idols and crushes from our pre-teen and teen years must age as well. As much as we remember our teen crushes as they were back in the day, they get older, as we do. In a way, it is sad, but at the same time, it is interesting to look back, and know that we have all gone through so many changes. Things were so much different when Kelly Kapowski would come on the TV in the afternoons after school. They probably weren’t any better, but our retrospect makes it seem perfect. The idolization of youth.

So, here is to a happy birthday to the one and only Tiffany Thiessen. Still definitely have a crush on her.

Deadly at 39, will still be deadly at 40.
Deadly at 39, will still be deadly at 40.

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