Note: Since I first posted this, I have finished the season. I have added my comments about the season as a whole at the bottom of the post.

Released for one day. 7 hours later, I have cruised through the first half of the newest season of the Netflix original series, House of Cards.

And it has not disappointed thus far. At all.

house-of-cards-season-2-posterThere is so much to like about this show, but really, it is Kevin Spacey being so deliciously evil that you can’t help but cheer for him, that really makes it all so great. He is absolutely ruthless, and his journey begins just where the first season left off. We have to wonder where he will stop, or where all the deals and promises he makes will have to end. They have to end at some point, don’t they?

There are some big moves in the opening couple of episodes of Season 2, but I won’t spoil them, since this is a show that is worth watching on your own. But there are some good storylines that have come out, and a couple of the smaller characters from Season 1 are getting their own plots now, to the benefit of the show. Of course, there is still plenty of backdoor dealings to keep the more casual fan interested.

I’m sure I will write another post about this series once I have completed the season (which, at this rate, could be later today). Truly addictive television, House of Cards is the best of the Netflix originals, and easily worth the subscription on its own.

After finishing Season 2, I will add a couple of thoughts, without revealing any spoilers.

The best thing about Netflix releasing their entire series’ at once is you can absolutely devour them in a short timeframe. The sad part is that once it is done, it is a really long wait until the next year comes out. I will instantly feel this way about House of Cards. After thrashing through the entire year in less than 24 hours, I will now be forced to wait, like the rest of us, until Season 3 is released, presumably next year sometime. At least, I am assuming they will have a third installment. It is definitely successful enough, and it is more than definitely good enough.

This was captivating political television. There were really good twists and turns throughout, and some maneuvers that one would truly not imagine seeing. As I had noted above, I really liked the new stories with the minor characters. They stay throughout the year, and they are developed well, to the point where you don’t mind watching their segments, and are not just craving to get back to the story of Frank Underwood and his devious schemes.

As for an overview of the entire season, it is great, better than I would have expected. Too many shows promise such great things with the first year, only to disappoint going forward. I wrote about this in my review of the second season of Homeland. But they didn’t mess with this one. There was still work for Underwood to do at the end of the shows first run, and he gets back to business in the second go at it. The schemes, ploys, backstabbing, and back room politics are all still there. And it is absolutely engrossing.

I recommend the newest season of this show with the highest regard. It is truly excellent.

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