I was curious to see if this movie held up through the decades, and could still be a fun, underdog story that had a couple of laughs and some good memories.

Well, yes and no, I suppose.

Mighty_ducksOne thing that always annoyed me as a viewer, and as someone who knows and loves hockey, was how gimmicky all of the characters were. The Mighty Ducks doesn’t offer us a realistic look at the sport, where a bunch of kids need to hone their skills to overcome obstacles, it gives us characters who can only do one thing well, and it is some sort of trick play. Sure, when we were kids, the Flying V was a cool idea, but seeing it now, it is horribly unrealistic, and pretty lame. I know that’s not the point of the film, and if you are looking to see something more technical about hockey, there are other movies out there. This movie did a lot to garner interest in the sport, and that is something that not a ton of movies can do.

But, it’s not like I would watch this movie for the realism. As brutally cheesy as the on-ice action is, this movie is still pretty fun. The kids are fairly lovable, and even Emilio Estevez is still kind of fun as Coach Gordon Bombay. He has tons of terrible, and cheesy lines, but in the end, it kind of is right in his wheelhouse. Again, when watching The Mighty Ducks, you aren’t exactly expecting Oscar-calibre stuff.

We all know what is going to happen in the film, but we still want to see the “magical” triple deke at the end, and that evil Hawk coach go down. This movie is as Disney as it gets, and it is definitely a throwback to the early 90’s, where things like rollerblading were seen as cool.

Seeing a young Joshua Jackson again was funny, as he really is the best actor to come out of these films, and he was probably the best one in them, as well.

Let’s just say that for as cheesy as this movie was, after watching it again, I immediately put on D2: The Mighty Ducks, just to see what happened to the gang. The sequel could get it’s own post based on cheesiness.

Suffice it to say that the original movie, that spawned an NHL team, is worth another viewing as an adult. Just don’t expect too much at all, and it won’t be the worst hour and a half you’ve ever spent.

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