New to Netflix Canada this week is the Brad Pitt interpretation of the incredible zombie novel, World War Z.

The first thing I will say about this film, goes to those who have read the book. The film is nothing like it. Might as well forget that you have actually read the thing. In order to enjoy this movie, don’t worry about the connections to the book, as this is as loosely based on a novel as possible. The basic idea is the same, and…that is about it.

WWZThe novel did not set itself up to be a movie. It was based on a series of interviews conducted after a zombie apocalypse, in a variety of locations across the globe. In order to get a real interpretation of the novel, the film would have had to be ten hours long.

As a film, this one is mildly entertaining. It really felt as though there was a lot of buildup and a really quick payoff, finishing with an unsatisfying voice-over montage to conclude. Some good things about the movie were the special effects, Brad Pitt himself, not too much cheesiness with him trying to save his own family, a pretty interesting way to avoid the zombies, and the creatures themselves were the fast kind, not the slow, moaning type. I like a good zombie that can put up some serious 40-yard dash times.

There is some good violence to be seen in here, but this isn’t a splatterfest as some zombie films are. It is more cerebral than that, and it does it in a pretty entertaining way. They think about the zombies, where they came from, and how to identify what the issue is. The concept behind the film isn’t simply Armageddon survival tactics, with Brad Pitt saving the world, and going across the planet to save his family. There is more to it than that.

Zombie movies are awesome, for the most part, and World War Z sort of fits into the middle of them. It is not the best one that is out there, but it definitely isn’t the worst. Watching this won’t be a waste of a couple of hours.

Just forget that it is based on a novel.

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