The main question that must be asked about this reboot film is, why?

Why did we need a reboot of a series that is only a few years old? Have we already forgotten how Peter Parker becomes a superhero? Has it been so long that we forget that Peter is a bit of a nerd and struggles to get girls? Or that his Uncle Ben dies tragically?

With everything so fresh in our minds from the original Spiderman trilogy featuring Tobey Maguire in the central role, The Amazing Spider-Man is, in my mind, completely unnecessary. And to that end, the first hour-and-a-half of this film are genuinely boring. We see the same things we have seen before: Peter is a nerd, he likes a girl (Gwen Stacey in this series, instead of Mary Jane Watson in the first trilogy), he acts like a jerk, he is bit by a spider, he gets some powers, he needs to practice across the city with them, he acts like a jerk, his uncle dies, he becomes a superhero. Sound familiar? Yes? Because it’s pretty much the exact same thing as what happened in Spiderman. Which causes the majority of this film to be redundant and boring.

spidermanAndrew Garfield plays Spiderman in this version, and he is fairly inferior to Tobey Maguire. Maguire had a bit of the everyman in him, and we believed him far more as a lovable dork. Garfield comes across as too smug throughout the film, too much for us to believe that he is uncool, or that he is truly conflicted about his new powers and their place in his life.

In the role of the love interest, Emma Stone plays the role of Gwen Stacy, who manages to find out about her boyfriend’s special powers seemingly minutes after he acquires them. It is too easy, and takes away a lot of the mystery and fun of being a secret superhero. Stone is probably the best part about the movie, even though she is pretty bleached out as a blonde. She is cute and adorable, pretty much the main requirements needed for a superhero’s girlfriend.

The Amazing Spider-Man takes itself too seriously. This comes across throughout the film. The original trilogy had its serious moments, to be sure, but it also had a campiness, and something that the new film desperately lacks: fun.

To be honest, I had low expectations for The Amazing Spider-Man, partially because when they came out, Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were in the upper echelon of superhero movies ever made. This reboot does not even come close to what the originals had done for not only the genre, but the story of Spiderman.

This movie made boatloads of money at the box office, as will the sequels. It will probably get tons of views on Netflix. But the hype isn’t worth it. Just because tons of money is made, doesn’t mean that a movie is good, or that I have to like it. Perhaps I am being stubborn in my dislike of this film, but the simple fact is that while watching it, I was bored.

It took a long time before the action really picked up, or before I was even that interested what was happening on the screen.

If most people hadn’t already seen this movie, I would recommend giving it a pass. Go back to the original Spiderman, and enjoy the fun and innocence of those three films, before the series decided to take itself so seriously.

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