Another new release to the Netflix selection are the first two seasons of The Mindy Project, the brainchild of comedy writer and The Office alum, Mindy Kaling.

The premise of the show is that Mindy is a successful OBGYN in New York, but highly unsuccessful at her love life. Her age is creeping up on her, she drinks too much, is too concerned about her weight, is obsessed with celebrity lives, and bounces from poor relationship to poor relationship.

mindy2The Mindy Project is a show geared towards women, as she embodies so many cliched aspects of the approaching middle-aged single woman, and the majority of the laughs are focused around the calamity that is her love life. She is clumsy and awkward, and manages to choose the wrong person for every one of her relationships. Mindy wants her love life to be like a romantic comedy, but this obsession with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan films causes her unrealistic expectations in what reality will be like.

Although I never watched it, I feel that this show can somewhat slide into the void left behind when Sex and the City went off the air. Mindy provides a beacon for women who struggle in the love department. She is aware of her faults, and struggles with the balance of who she is, and who she feels others want her to be. Mindy struggles with being herself, and she has issues with being too self-centered. But these are issues that normal people face, despite them being dramatically blown up for the purpose of the entertainment.

Mindy herself is a likable character, which is able to make this show as solid as it is. There are laughs that are missing in this show, and it frequently flirts with becoming a drama, but it does create numerous humorous situations that make it worth watching.

The Mindy Project is pretty charming, but might not be as binge-worthy as other new sitcoms like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The rest of the cast is pretty respectable as well. They don’t garner as many laughs as they could, as is often expected from the supporting characters, but they do provide the occasional comic relief, specifically the male nurse, Morgan. They also provide some obvious plot features that we simply know are going to happen. The story is not entirely original or unpredictable, but it maintains enough freshness to keep us watching.

Overall, The Mindy Project is worth a watch. It is nothing life-changing in the sitcom genre, but it provides enough charm to make it decent viewing.

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