There is little doubt that Suits is an entertaining show to watch. There is no arguing that perhaps Gabriel Macht (playing Harvey Specter) wears a suit better than anybody else (seriously…that guy can wear a suit). And there is also no arguing that there is always plenty of intrigue on the show, both inside the firm and outside it, as Harvey and Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) have tackled all sorts of cases through the episodes.

suits3But I felt that at the end of Season 2, the show fell off a little bit, and got confused as to where it was going. They created an intense, but difficult-to-follow plot revolving around the power struggles within the law firm. Eventually this led to a merger, that become even more complex and convoluted. They slowly backed away from the cases that were happening in the real world, instead focusing primarily on the politics inside the luxurious offices of the law firm with the ever-changing name.

Therefore, I went into Season 3 with a little bit of hesitation, wondering which way the show would go from here. Get back into the courtroom? Or stay within the walls, and see how this whole mess shakes out?

In Season 3, they do a little bit of both, much to my relief. While the entire third season focuses only on one primary court case, there is the interest that comes from that. There are still many power games being played within the firm, with new wrinkles added, like Mike and Rachel hooking up at the end of the second year, but they seem much simpler to follow this time around, which makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience, in my opinion.

Aside from the fact that the whole premise for the show is, in fact, kind of ridiculous (are we really to believe that one of New York’s top law firms would be alright with having a fraud who never even went to college working for them? Not likely. It seems like it would be incredibly simple for someone to check in on Mike Ross and realize that he never went to Harvard, or any law school for that matter), if you buy into it, you will enjoy it.

While Mike is not the most interesting character of the group, his relationship with Rachel does provide some interest to his character. Harvey is still the star of the show here. He carries each episode, and even though he is kind of an anti-hero, he is the one that we will end up cheering for when all is said and done. We want Harvey to do well, even though he has had nothing but success in his life. Normally, we would want that type of person to fail, just so they know what it feels like, but we want Harvey to keep winning. At everything. During the third season, he develops a little more, and even shows some vulnerability, but at the end of the day, he is still the Harvey that we have adored for the first two seasons of the show.

suits2The secondary characters continue to grow in Season 3, as well. Specifically Donna (Sarah Rafferty), the fierce, but ever-loyal assistant of Harvey’s. She has always had a smaller role in the show, but seems to take on more in this season, and her moments are always some of the best ones. She is terrifying and incredible at the same time, and it is great to see her develop more as a character. We even get to see her engage in a romance during the season, which shows us a little bit about Donna outside of the office.

Louis Litt (played by Rick Hoffman) continues to annoy us, but in a good way. He, as usual, is caught deep in the shadow that Harvey casts across the entire office, and is always playing catch up. He has some of the funnier scenes in the season, and even gets to continue to develop a romance that he started before. There are light moments in the show, and they usually revolve around Louis. Such as a mock trial based on ownership of a cat. But Hoffman manages to continue to have us sympathize with Louis, and despite his numerous failings (and he has several this season), we want him to do well.

For those who have already enjoyed the first couple of seasons of Suits, there is no reason to stop now. Season 3 continues to roll along, and I may argue that it is superior to Season 2. If you have not yet watched the show yet, it is a good place to go to watch men pound their chests with their massive egos, and banter in the board room while wearing expensive suits, and fierce women trying to make their way in the male-dominated world of law. There is some humour, some quirkiness, but mostly, just some sound storytelling that has simplified itself and returned to the entertaining tales it originally spun.

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