The whole premise of the new Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is pretty funny, and the success of the entire show is based on the likability of star Ellie Kemper.

She has always been a goofy, enjoyable character, from our previous times seeing her on her years on The Office and in films like Bridesmaids. That continues on her new show, and makes it worth watching.

kimmy2Kimmy is one of the “Indiana Mole Women,” a group of girls who had been held in an underground apocalypse bunker for 15 years, because they were told by their cult leader that the world outside had ended. Finally found, they are released into the world, and the plucky Kimmy decides to give life in New York City a shot. She quickly gets a job as a nanny, and from here we are able to see her try to reincorporate herself into the normal world, of which she has missed so much.

The initial season provides some good laughs, and doesn’t rely too heavily on the fact that Kimmy is definitely out of the loop. If you think of the advances and changes over the past 15 years, she definitely gets on her feet pretty quickly, and is able to adapt to the new world fairly seamlessly (this can be irritating at times, but it generally works for the show). There could have been several episodes where she is discovering new things, but the writers hold back, almost putting it in the background at times that this woman lived underground for a long period of time.

The show was created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, so there is a definite sense of humour that is parallel to what we witnessed on the often great 30 Rock, including the use of Jane Krakowski again, in a role not terribly dissimilar to her one on Fey’s previous series. Unbreakable, like 30 Rock before it, is very watchable, and it shouldn’t take too long for viewers to pour through the first season of the show. It is easily digestible, and generally fun as we watch Kimmy, the Mole Woman with the heart of gold, try to make it in the world, while at the same time trying to rectify her own questionable past.

kimmy3One of the best roles in the series has to be John Hamm, who plays the Preacher/Cult Leader Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (one of the best character names ever), in his own brand of goofy and hilarious.

Kimmy Schmidt doesn’t really offer high brow comedy, but it is a good little sitcom that hopefully has some legs and is able to produce a couple more entertaining seasons. Most of the episodes are fun to watch, and it never gets too bogged down in the emotional side of things, instead, thankfully focusing on the quirky and silly. That is what makes the show an entertaining watch. It never really takes itself too seriously, and the primary focus is always on having a good time, instead of going through the emotional hell it would have actually been for a character in Kimmy’s situation.

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