Of course, Sharknado is one of the cheesiest, and most ridiculous TV films ever made.

Which, naturally, means that it is quickly becoming a cult phenomenon (one way to tell is the increasing number of cameos in this second film), and is already spawning a trilogy, in which our heroes must fight off multiple tornadoes filled with people-eating sharks.

shark2For the second installment of the series, ingeniously titled, Sharknado 2: The Second One, we get to see our central character, Finn (played by Ian Ziering), as he heads to New York with April (Tara Reid). She has written a book about the events of the first Sharknado that struck Los Angeles, and he is struggling with flashbacks to the events of the first disaster. On their flight, Finn sees sharks outside the plane window, which of course leads him to exclaim that, “It’s happening again.”

Some kind of superstorm is hitting New York City, and it is scooping up sharks along the way, to wreak havoc on the nation’s largest city. Well, something must be done to save the city once again, and Finn steps it up, as he did before in LA.

Sharknado 2 provides us with all the cheese that the first one did, which makes it oddly watchable and fun. Be sure to completely shut your brain off for this one before starting it up, because pretty much everything in the film is unrealistic and ridiculous, right down to the incredibly hammy acting and terrible dialogue. They don’t mess around too much with this one, and right from the beginning, it is pretty much action all the way through to the predictable ending of the film. We get to see some sharks shot, and chainsawed, and blown up. We get to see April have her hand chewed off, wonder if that shark actually remembered who she was, and we get to see Tara Reid at least try to act (we are not convinced by the end that this is accomplished).

shark3And of course, we get to see Finn stand above an expectant crowd, ready for him to step up and be the hero once more, and provide us with a delicious Independence Day-style speech about why New Yorkers are the toughest people on Earth.

It is insanely brilliant.

There is nothing new here compared to the first version of Sharknado, but if you were able to mightily suspend your disbelief enough to enjoy the cheese-fest of the first one, then the sequel is worth checking out as well. It is absolutely terrible, but almost in a good way.

I wish that they would have spent a little bit more money on some special effects, to at least make the sharks look like more than okay cartoons. I get it that cult classics and TV movies aren’t supposed to have good special effects, and I’m not asking for multiple millions of dollars to be spent on it. But with a strange following already set up, it seems like the producers could have dumped a little more money in there, just to ironically provide some kind of realism to the show. Maybe that would take away a bit from the overt cheesiness, but I’d be alright with that.

Regardless, Sharknado 2 is stupid, and a complete waste of time to watch.

So much so, that I can’t wait for Sharknado 3 to come out.

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