After pouring through the few episodes of the second season of Danger 5, I can only wish that there were more.

While the first group of episodes of the strange yet fun Australian action comedy were odd and focused in the 1960’s, the second season has moved on to be set in the mid-80’s, and bringing with it all the glam of that era. Instead of sipping drinks all of the time, the gang is now snorting cocaine and listening to saxophone music.

53The goals for the Danger 5 gang remains the same in the second year, in that their main goals are to kill Hitler, as they were eventually unsuccessful at this by the end of the original run. There are a couple of cast changes, including an impressive transformation for Pierre, and the relative absence of Claire throughout the entire season.

52But it is still fantastic.

If you have watched the first season, you understand the hilarious ridiculousness of the episodes. Well, things have become even more insane in the second year. There is some time travel, some revenge, some possible hookups, a whole lot of craziness, and of course, everybody’s favorite high schooler, Johnny Hitler.

5I definitely missed the 60’s element of the first season, as it worked so perfectly for Danger 5, but with the crazy extremes that they go to in the second year, it is still a silly and fun show to watch. A similar formula is followed in year 2, and there continues to be some of the running jokes that made the first year so great (Pierre’s cassette tapes come to mind).

Stumbling across Danger 5 was a fun little Netflix misadventure, and I’m glad I poured through the series. It is absolutely insane, but a ton of fun from start to finish. And besides, what other shows out there will give you the chance to see Hitler in high school, as a zombie, and as the indestructible world ruler?

Only in the weird, weird world of Danger 5.

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