Fury is an excellent film about the Second World War. Sure, there are a plethora of options when it comes to perhaps the greatest conflict in human history, but this is one that belongs perhaps among the 15 best (that is a completely arbitrary number…I’m saying that it’s damn good).

fury2This war offering gives us Brad Pitt as the leader of a tank crew in the final days of the war. Nicknamed “Wardaddy,” he leads his faithful group of men on whatever mission the Allies can throw at him, he having the ultimate faith in his group, and in his tank, named “Fury.”

When a group of four tanks are given the mission to clear the way for some supplies, things eventually go wrong when they are ambushed by a powerful German Tiger tank, taking out the majority of the group of Allied tanks. The Fury survives, and the film culminates with an incredible last-stand battle in which the gang of the Fury must stand up and defend themselves against an onslaught of SS troops, who will not give up even the war is essentially over for Nazi Germany.

fury4The final scenes of the film are strong, violent, and powerful. It is great entertainment, and the producers and directors have done a great job in taking a great cast, a strong script, and tremendous war action and blending it all together into something that is definitely great.

Even though we pretty much know how this whole thing is going to wrap up, it is entertaining getting there, to say the least. We care about the characters, even if they have rubbed us the wrong way over the course of the film (damn you, Shane from The Walking Dead), and Fury will keep you on the edge of your seat as it hurtles towards its finality.

There are many great scenes in Fury, and many of them are lead by the strong acting performance by Brad Pitt. One in particular, where he comes across a couple of German women in their house, and proceeds to have them cook him dinner, is excellent, and tense in its own way. That is something that Fury demonstrates over the course of the film: it is consistently tense. And that is what makes it so great.

fury3With so many WWII film options, Fury offers some diversity, and a part of that comes from the fact that it is about a tank division. This is not the most common viewpoint of the war, and it is an interesting one, to be sure. Tank crews are their own kind of people, different from infantrymen or snipers or whichever other group has been given their due on the silver screen.

Fury is absolutely worth watching. It provides realistic depictions of the war, all the while being strongly entertaining, and backed by a pretty stellar cast.

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