There is a lot going on behind the scenes of your favorite television show.

Hundreds of people are required to do a myriad of different jobs, long before the highly paid actors ever stroll on to the set and start to act out the episode that you will see on air months later.

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show is a fascinating documentary that takes us around Hollywood to see the people that truly are in control of shows, and some of the work that needs to go into the toughest job in television: running an entire show.

show2With a host of interesting and hard working show runners being interviewed, we are shown just how tough their job really is, how everything is questions that they must somehow come up with the answers for. From scripts to directing, plotting out episodes and seasons, casting, balancing their personal vision with that of the studios and networks…it is a ton. It truly is amazing the amount of time and effort that goes into bringing our favorite stories to life each week. And it is a miracle that there are still people out there who want to run their own shows.

The amount of stress on these people is incredible. And with such a quick-to-judge audience, even more so with social media picking at every move that is made on screen, the pressure to be successful, and remain that way, is enormous. Running one small scale show is an incredible balance. Seeing people like J.J. Abrams, who seems to be the executive producer for every show on television, the workload is unfathomable.

show3Showrunners is definitely interesting. While we are provided with behind-the-scenes information on actors and directors all of the time, and with a renewed focus on the writers of late, it is great to go behind even those important people to finally give some notice to the people who really make a show tick. Actors are famous. Some directors achieve a level of fame, and there are some writers who have truly made a name for themselves out there. But there is very little attention paid to the showrunners, and perhaps this documentary will give them some of their due. Seeing how they come up with ideas, and get scripts written (usually themselves) in a short time frame, going through re-writes, and the endless meetings with their teams, it kind of makes it amazing that TV shows are still done in this manner.

We get to see some of their ups and downs, from a hit series, to one that has run its course, to one that is flat out cancelled. How far should these people pursue their dreams? When do they know when it is time to give up, and if you are lucky enough to have a hit, what do you do next? (This last one is of particular interest for fans of the show Lost.) We are told about the debacles that can happen when a network becomes to involved with the vision of the writer, and that moment when they need to cave to get something done, or stand up for their beliefs, and scuttle something that they love just so it can be done in the way that they perceive as being right.

Definitely worth checking out, Showrunners will, if nothing else, provide you with some insight into TV, and give a new perspective and respect for those who care enough about an idea to try and make it happen week after week, season after season.

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