Now this is more like it for Suits.

After an up-and-down second season, and a bit of a return to form in Season 3, the fourth installment of the show, recently added to Netflix Canada, brings us back to a time when the show is always fun to watch again.

The fourth season initially revolves around Mike leaving the firm at the end of S3, and his new job as an investment banker. Of course, he still has many associations with Harvey and the gang over at the law firm, including several occasions where the two friends are forced to butt heads, and play dirty, against one another.

NUP_163666_0598.jpgAs things move forward in the season, and things actually get quite ugly between Harvey and Mike as they focus on one massive merger, things get switched around, and they start to hit the fan. There are some pretty predictable events that come out of the year, such as some turmoil between Mike and Rachel, more issues at the firm, people always trying to get their names on the door, Louis Litt trying to be honourable, but really being a screwup, and the ever-present secret of Mike never having gone to law school coming about time and again.

Despite the plot not being the most interesting of the four years, they have returned to some of the things that made Suits so enjoyable to begin with. The sharp wit, specifically from Harvey, and now Mike fighting back, and a little bit of a return to the cruelty that Harvey was able to demonstrate at the beginning. This is why we liked him so much, and to be honest, he got a little soft in the following seasons. He takes it back a little bit in S4, which is great to see. He is no monster, by any stretch, but isn’t afraid to be Harvey-esque when he needs to be.

suits2The fourth season is definitely entertaining, and easily digestible with its short seasons. It is a strong continuation of where the show left off, and of course provides us with enough of a cliffhanger at the end of the year to leave us waiting for the release of Season 5.

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