Netflix offers up a pretty poignant view of young girls looking to break into the massive porn industry, all starting with ads on Craigslist in the documentary, Hot Girls Wanted. The story follows a handful of young girls, mostly just 18-years-old, who have left home for Miami, to live in a house where they will go through photoshoots and the rigors of booking gigs in order to become porn stars.

hot4The documentary does an excellent job of demonstrating the harsh nature of the business, and provides a ton of stats on the sheer number of young girls who use porn as an escape from their regular lives, only to wash out of the industry in a matter of months. Hot Girls Wanted does not show the perceived glitz and glamour of the porn stars that have almost become mainstream, household names, but the struggle and work that goes in to making it in any kind of way in a brutal business.

The girls work hard, all day, in order to promote themselves. The online community plays a massive role in porn stardom, and the importance of Twitter is examined in the film. The girls, all of them, come to Miami with stars in their eyes, with the dream of being famous, of being rich, and of being stars. For the majority of them, the reality sets in awfully quick, once hte true side of the business reveals its ugly head to them.

hot2Some of the more poignant, and difficult to watch, scenes come when the girls begin to describe, and snippets are shown, of some of the brutal acts that they must endure in order to get a paycheque. Disdain with a sex scene, or the sheer aggression and brutality of some forced scenes, are difficult to watch, and to hear about. The girls are abused, but in a shocking way, they believe that doing these things are needed in order to make it in the business that has momentarily trapped them. The veneer of girls who are in it because they want to have fun, or because they love sex, is thrown out the window, and we understand that many of these stars in pro-am porn (now the most common type, as people want to see “amateurs” in semi-real situations instead of established porn stars) are just trying to pay the bills, and make it through the day. They are not becoming rich off of this job, even though the potential for big paydays is there.

hot3Hot Girls Wanted is a stark view of the porn industry, on one of its lower levels. It is not parties and limos, but a run down house with too many dogs, and too many girls living together, with their recruiter, who spends the majority of his time throwing lines in to the water to obtain new talent that will make him money.

It is very interesting to watch the quick rise, and quicker downfall that these girls go through. The feeling of fame comes quickly, buoyed by an increase in Twitter followers, and the feeling of being wanted, and desired. This evaporates suddenly, once the girls begin to feel that they are simply being used, and that the advantages of the industry are far fewer than they ever would have imagined.

hot5This is an excellent documentary, and well worth a watch, consider the size of the porn industry. Hot Girls Wanted does a very good job of putting a human face on the films that are seen and downloaded at incredible paces, but also in providing the kind of information that is not usually know. Well worth a watch.

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