Jessica Jones (TV Review)

Jessica Jones (TV Review)

I am in the minority that found that the Netflix-original series Daredevil was dull, repetitive, and overrated. Therefore, I was somewhat leery to delve into Jessica Jones, another comic-book adaptation that exists in the same universe as Daredevil.

This one is one worth watching.

The titular character is a Private Eye with some unique powers, including super strength and the ability to jump/almost fly. One thing right off the bat that I liked about this TV series is that the superpowers aspect isn’t really thrown in your face too much, and it plays a subtle part of the story line.

The central conflict of the series is that Jessica is forced to deal with her past, and a powerful nemesis who has the ability to control minds. Kilgrave is a very cool villain, and he is definitely evil. His controlling of minds knows few bounds, and he isn’t cursed with something like a conscience to slow him down. His elaborate scheme is to do what it takes so that he can reunite with Jessica, the one that got away, as he once had her under his control. It makes for a compelling battle, between the two of them, and provides a full seasons worth of entertainment. His abilities play with the conscience and morality of Jessica, and he is always able to fight off her attempts to eliminate him by putting “failsafes” in place, just to be sure she doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want her to. Jessica Jones provides us with a fresh look at how mind-control can be used for the powers of evil, while at the same time making him a very difficult villain to best.


Another strength of the show are the side plots. Oftentimes, the secondary story lines are dull or uninteresting, simply there to provide viewers with moments they wish they could fast forward until they got back to the good stuff. In Jessica Jones, all the stories are pretty interesting, including the love story with Luke, the sister relationship with former child star Trish, and the divorce story of Hogarth, the tough lawyer that Jessica works for on occasion. All of them blend together nicely, not making them frivolous side stories that get lost in the shuffle.

There is some cool fighting in the show, and thanks to the powers of Kilgrave, there are some pretty interesting deaths and ways that people are controlled, essentially torturing themselves, such as not blinking for hours because they have been told to do so.

Any show is defined by its acting, and Jessica Jones does a pretty good job of it. From all of the strong secondary characters, including a very good performance by Rachael Taylor as Trish, right up to the central protagonist and antagonist, the acting is pretty good and believable. There are a few slips here and there, and some clunky dialogue at points, but as the show gets rolling, it seems as though the writers really found their stride, and were able to provide something that we, as the audience, could buy into.


Jessica Jones is definitely worth watching. For the many people who were fans of Daredevil, it is a cool continuation of that universe, where the two actually exist together. There is even a little bit of a cross-over later in the season, for those who are really into it. It is a dark, entertaining show, about troubled people just trying to be somewhat decent, and it is fun to watch.

Holiday Laziness

The holiday season is great because it always means a couple of weeks off from work, time with friends and family, Christmas and all the meals that accompany it, and plenty of time to relax. And the relaxing becomes addictive, to the point where it is criminally lazy. At least it is on my part.

There are plenty of things that I could/should be doing on my time off. There is work to be done, and my apartment is so messy it looks like a disaster zone. But I am not inclined to do anything about it just yet. I feel like it is perfectly okay to lounge around and watch an entire season of Homeland in one sitting, nap whenever I feel like it, sleep in as long as humanly possible, and go entire days without feeling the urge to leave the couch. Yes, I am lazy, but I like it. Each time I step over a pile of clothes that either needs to be washed or put away, I know that things need to get done. But there is always tomorrow for that. And by tomorrow, I mean an undertermined day sometime next week, when I again will find some excuse not to do it. By the time this vacation is over, I will definitely feel as though I could have used my time better, but at the same time, I wonder if I really wanted to use it any better. Maybe doing a whole lot of nothing is exactly how I want to be using my time.

If that is my goal, then I am doing extremely well at it and accomplishing everything that I want.

A New Blog…

I’m pretty sure that I’m the first person who has had the idea to write down some of their ideas in blog format…

Just like everybody else on this planet, just a few random things that I like to ramble about on occasion. Keeps me busy, not that I’m not busy enough already, but whatever. Every now and then I feel like getting something down, and like too many other people, I have become too lazy to use a pen and paper. Besides, this way, everyone will have the chance to share in my wonderful opinions!