Homeland: Season 2

The first season of Homeland was some of the most exciting television I had seen in a while. It was highly stressful and exciting, and there were enough twist and turns that it was easy to get hooked on the series and watch for hours on end. It doesn’t hurt that the first season was on Netflix, where it becomes evilly simple to waste an entire day watching episode after episode until the entire thing is done.

homelandThe characters were engaging, the storyline was complex and full of intrigue, and we were left wondering right down to the very end if Brody was going to do something terrible. It was an excellent show.

So for Christmas, I asked for the second season, and much like the first, I poured through it in a ridiculously short time frame. But at the end, I was left wondering if it was nearly as good as the first season.

Sure, the show is still very exciting, and the characters are still definitely interesting. The story was again strong, but I was forced to wonder if the expectations were simply set too high by the greatness of Season 1. By the end of year 2, I had to think if it was just pretty cheesy, or if the characters were making implausible decisions that seem totally unlike themselves. And it felt as though nothing was really resolved as the year went on. Sure, some terrorists died, some people were put into the jobs where they belong and there is definitely resolution to many of the stories, but it remains very open ended, and while usually a fan of that kind of cliffhanger, I don’t know if it worked extremely well in this case.

There is no doubt that this is still an excellent show, but somehow I felt disappointed by the second year of it. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I don’t know if this was it. I felt more annoyed by the characters, and got angry at the choices they made. Maybe that was me being engrossed by the drama.

Despite my disappointment, it only means that I am anticipating more from Season 3, whenever I get the chance to see it. There has to be more, and they did leave it open to be interesting to see where the whole thing goes. Good guys becoming villains and returning to the good side, only to be set up to be a villain again. (SPOILER ALERT) I assume that Season 3 will revolve around the bombing and trying to prove Brody’s innocence as he flees. I don’t really know how Brody’s family will fit into it anymore, since they have sort of been cut off from the story now that he has left and the odd side story of his daughter and the car accident being resolved. But I’m sure the writers have something solid in store for them, because they are good characters, and deserve to continue playing a significant role in the story. I know that the daughter needs to continue to be involved, because of her knowledge about the bomb vest in season 1 and her speaking to Brody before the funeral at the end of season 2. Still plenty of options.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see where they go, but I know with such a solid show, they will be able to produce another year of high quality television that will leave you interested and on the edge of your seat.

Even though Season 2 was a step down in my books, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it or think that the show has gone to the garbage. It only means that I am wanting more, and I don’t want to have to wait for my answers.

Holiday Laziness

The holiday season is great because it always means a couple of weeks off from work, time with friends and family, Christmas and all the meals that accompany it, and plenty of time to relax. And the relaxing becomes addictive, to the point where it is criminally lazy. At least it is on my part.

There are plenty of things that I could/should be doing on my time off. There is work to be done, and my apartment is so messy it looks like a disaster zone. But I am not inclined to do anything about it just yet. I feel like it is perfectly okay to lounge around and watch an entire season of Homeland in one sitting, nap whenever I feel like it, sleep in as long as humanly possible, and go entire days without feeling the urge to leave the couch. Yes, I am lazy, but I like it. Each time I step over a pile of clothes that either needs to be washed or put away, I know that things need to get done. But there is always tomorrow for that. And by tomorrow, I mean an undertermined day sometime next week, when I again will find some excuse not to do it. By the time this vacation is over, I will definitely feel as though I could have used my time better, but at the same time, I wonder if I really wanted to use it any better. Maybe doing a whole lot of nothing is exactly how I want to be using my time.

If that is my goal, then I am doing extremely well at it and accomplishing everything that I want.


So the NBA has been having teams wear uniforms with sleeves over the past couple of years. Ok, maybe the teams haven’t been forced to wear them, but on all the Christmas games this year, the teams are sporting them. And they look ridiculous.

I get why the league is doing this. There will be people out there that enjoy them, and there will be people that buy them. But they look like PJs. I can see them having appeal to a fan of a team that doesn’t want to walk around rocking a no sleeve look. But for on the court, they look impractical, and made even worse by the contrast of the tight jersey tops and the baggy shorts the players still wear.

Save these ones for the stores, NBA, and save us from having to see them on the court again.

Merry Christmas to all!