Bringing back the Teal: Welcome back, Hornets

Despite not being a massive basketball fan, I was excited when I heard that the Charlotte Bobcats would be rebranding themselves as the Charlotte Hornets once again to begin next season. In a complex series of team moves and name changes and whatever else, Charlotte will get their name back, and their team will get their initial identity back, after years of having perhaps the most boring team name and uniform set in North American professional sports.

hornetsBringing back the name and the original colour palette of the 90’s Hornets, teal and purple, will bring us back to the glory days of the franchise, when Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning patrolled the floor for the tough and competitive team. Not that a colour change will do much for the team on the court, but it seemingly will re-energize the fans, and give the team a true identity moving forward. It can’t make them a better team, but it will make them feel like a better team.

The new logos were released yesterday, and they look good. The brightness is there, and it is simply an update version of what they had before. The logos are sharp and interesting, and I think they definitely have winners here. There will be a few people out there who will be able to dust off their old Starter jackets and wear them with pride once again!

Finally, the Hornets name is back where it belongs, and they look great. Charlotte-Hornets-New-Logo-3